Hot/Cold Hook Pack Kits, with hook fastener, adhesive option, small, large, and long, hands-free, no belts, no straps, no elastic. Each Kit comes with two hot/cold flexible packs, one Velcro non-woven pouch (do not microwave pouch), and a high quality zip lock bag for an ice option.

The MedIcePax Product Range:

  • MedIcePax Hot/Cold Hook Pack Kits, with hook fastener, adhesive option, small, large and long.
  • MedIcePax Instant/Reusable Cold Pack Hypothermic emergency kit, for stroke victims.
  • MedIcePax Contract Manufacturing with your company’s logo and packaging.

Up to 80% of the content in our product is made in America, by Americans with Disabilities.

Our shipments default to a prepaid UPS ground shipment when ordering. If your institution/business chooses to order multiples of 24 or 96 pieces in order to take advantage of quantity discounts, please Contact Us and we can make arrangements to ship collect utilizing your preferred carrier. Please include your carrier, account number, and carrier contact phone. Your credit card will be credited for the amount automatically calculated by this system for shipping. Because of the nature of the contents, all shipments must be shipped ground.

MedIcePax Hot/Cold Kits with Hook Velcro type fastener

Use of Hot/Cold Thermo Therapy
MedIcePax is a hands-free system that allows you to treat yourself immediately when you injure yourself during sports, work, or general activity; cold compression applied immediately to the injured site will reduce the bleeding and slow the blood flow making the extent of the injury to the soft tissue as minimal as possible. This enables a quicker recovery. This therapy should be applied 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off or as your physician recommends. Heat will stimulate blood flow, allowing a person to aid recovery in due course after sustaining an injury. Alternatively, gentle heat therapy is used to stimulate your blood flow, offering soothing relief from the pain of arthritic joints, menstrual tension, and back pain due to muscle spasms. Ice therapy should also be applied to an injury site during the recovery period to speed recovery time. These gel packs are flexible when frozen. We recommend you contact your doctor before using any hot or cold therapy.

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