SafeTransporter For Walkers

MedIcePax, LLC’s SafeTransporter for Walkers

MedIcePax, LLC has developed a simple and inexpensive way to connect the I.V. Stand and any common walker together. This allows the patient to push the I.V. along the walking path, and increasing the support/stability of patient.  Using this system will help decrease the chance of a patient fall.  Another advantage of using this system is that the amount of staff required per patient can be reduced.

Helps to prevent patients from falling is a particular challenge in hospital settings because a patient’s safety has to be balanced against their right to make decisions and retain dignity and privacy, and there will always be a risk of falls given the nature of the patients that are admitted to hospital. 

In 2000, the total direct cost of all fall injuries for people 65 and older exceeded $19 billion.  The financial toll for older adult falls is expected to increase as the population ages, and may reach $54.9 billion by 2020 (adjusted to 2007 dollars)

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