SafeTransporter for Wheelchairs


MedIcePax, LLC new I.V. Holder, SafeTransporter for Wheelchair
MedIcePax, LLC has done it again. This patent pending device relates to the transportation of hospital patients, and in particular, to the transportation of patients who are attached to IV (intravenous) equipment or apparatus of the kind wherein there is an upstanding pole or standard, mounted upon a platform which is borne or supported for free-wheeling motion, as upon casters, with there being attached to the pole or standard at least the source of the fluid being fed intravenously to the patient, and often, additionally, suitable auxiliary equipment such as a volumetric pump. Although patients connected to such equipment usually spend most of their time confined to bed, an occasion to arise in which it becomes necessary or advisable to transport them, as by means of a wheelchair, to another location. It is not unusual for such trips (for example, to and from the radiology) to involve entering and leaving an elevator. The invention concerns apparatus which facilitates the making of such trips in a safe and convenient manner.
Provisional Patent
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