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The MedIcePax Product Range:

  • MedIcePax Hot/Cold Kits, with Velcro hook fastener, small, medium, large and long.
  • MedIcePax Instant/Reusable Cold Pack Hypothermic emergency kit for stroke victims.
  • MedIcePax SafeTransporters For Wheelchairs.
  • MedIcePax SafeTransporters For Walkers.
  • MedIcePax Contract Manufacturing with your company’s logo and packaging.

MedIcePax range of sizes offer our customers the perfect choice in thermo therapy and SafeTransporters. Quote for contract manufacturing with your companies’ specifications, logo and packaging available upon request. Minimum order quantities and lead time will apply. To request a custom quote and lead time on contract manufacturing with MedIcePax, LLC, please use our Contact Us

MedIcePax, LLC has developed the EZ Cold Migraine Therapy Helmet that holds up to four (4) reusable Gel Packs or Zip lock bags on the right and left sides, top and back of the head using a non-woven helmet, with 4 individual pouches. You can also target the migraine by placing the cold therapy on the side or sides that require relief.   This helmet is the best one of the best methods for hands free relief of headache or Migraine pain. The cap is designed to treat the neck area as well, since many headaches are associated with muscle tension and nerve pressure of this area. The cap can also be used for post chemo-therapy or as a cool down cap for athletes or other active individuals.

 MedIcePax, LLC new EZ Cooling Emergency Kit for Stroke Victims       provides crucial treatment for America’s No. 1 disabler and No. 3 killer—the stroke. Long before the ambulance arrives, the instant ice packs help prevent brain and organ damage by reducing body temperature immediately, prior to receiving medical attention.

MedIcePax, LLC.’s EZ hot/cold Therapy is ahands free system that allows   you to treat yourself immediately with cold compression when you injury yourself at sport, work or general activity. The Kit is designed with a special Velcro Hook that fastens to any elastic bandages (ace), and is water resistant.

MedIcePax, LLC’s SafeTransporter for Walkers is a simple and inexpensive way to couple the I.V. Stand and any common walker together. This allows the patient to push the I.V. along the walking path, and increase the support and stability of Client and the I.V. Stand, by triangulating the walker and the I.V. stand.  Using this system will help decrease the chance of a clients fall.  Restores dignity and reduces the number of hospital healthcare staff. This system applies to myriad health care environments.

MedIcePax, LLC’s SafeTransporter for Wheelchair is a means which enables the coupling of free-wheeling IV stands, to the Wheel Chair when transporting the patient. The person in charge of transporting the patient has a difficult task, navigating the patient in a wheelchair, while at the same time, needing somehow steady the IV stand.   Attention needs to be given to the IV stand, at the same time that transporter is guiding the wheelchair. For this reason MedIcePax, LLC has developed an inexpensive device to help avoid accidents, having to seek additional assistance, and increasing a patient’s independence


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