Press Release SafeTransporter For Walkers


May 6, 2009
Contact: Paul Gabriel Vargas
(915) 204-5240
MedIcePax LLC’s I.V. SafeTransporter for Walkers!
             “Hospital Client’s falls are the most common adverse events reported in hospitals,” says Dr. Hendrich II.
            MedIcePax, LLC’s SafeTransporter for Walkers is a simple and inexpensive way to couple the I.V. Stand and any common walker together. This allows the patient to push the I.V. along the walking path, and increase the support and stability of Client and the I.V. Stand, by triangulating the walker and the I.V. stand.  Using this system will help decrease the chance of a clients fall.  Restores dignity and reduces the number of hospital healthcare staff. This system applies to myriad health care environments.
            Preventing patients from falling is a particular challenge in hospital settings because a Client’s safety has to be balanced against their right to make decisions and retain their privacy and independence. The MedIcePax, SafeTransporter for Walkers will help hospitals reduce patient falling and increase patient’s independence. 
            In 2000, the total direct cost of all fall injuries for people 65 and older exceeded $19 billion the financial toll for older adult falls is expected to increase as the population ages, and may reach $54.9 billion by 2020 (adjusted to 2007 dollars) Ref. U.S. Census 2007.
MedIcePax, LLC Part Number 600 – SafeTransporter for Walkers, Two poles with plastic clips. 
Patent Pending 2009
MedIcePax LLC., which is based in El Paso, Texas was founded in 2009 by Paul Vargas.

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